94% of T-Mobile’s BlackBerry Trade-Ins Switched Platforms During Promotion

TmobileupdateT-Mobile launched a “BlackBerry promotion” back in mid-February which I thought was pretty strange wasn’t too BlackBerry friendly, now as I anticipated TMONews is reporting that 94% of BlackBerry trade-ins switched to a different platform.John Chen, however said during his response to T-Mobile’s anti-BlackBerry campaign that he will soon have something for customers, not sure what type of deal he has in mind. I do however see why users switched platforms, first off T-Mobile doesn’t carry BlackBerry devices in stores, users don’t want to wait to get their new devices, it wasn’t until last week that T-Mobile started selling BlackBerry 10 devices on their site again.

T-Mobile is just making it hard for customers to purchase BlackBerry devices, it is on them.