T-Mobile announces their BlackBerry Un-Carrier deal, is it worth it for BlackBerry customers?

wpid109053-T-Mobile-Logo.jpgT-Mobile has announced their Un-Carrier deal for BlackBerry customers in what seems to be another attack, not really much of a deal, they want you to trade your BlackBerry device for credit and switch to another BlackBerry device or other non-BlackBerry smartphone. However if you have an old BlackBerry legacy device this could benefit you.

Not sure what direction they want to be going with this but check out all your options and details below:

By Mike Sievert, Chief Marketing Officer
February 19, 2014

Wow. Mind blown.

The passion we’ve seen from the BlackBerry Loyal over the past couple days has been pretty amazing. I want you to know we’ve heard you.

Yesterday BlackBerry CEO John Chen posted a blog criticizing T-Mobile’s marketing to BlackBerry users.  The premise of his article was that it’s best for customers if we restrict the free flow of information and limit consumer choice.  At T-Mobile we totally reject that premise. We believe the best wireless service gives customers complete freedom and choice, and that’s what we are doing with a new offer for BlackBerry users we are announcing today.

We’ve been working overtime here to find the best possible way to show BlackBerry users exactly how much we appreciate and respect your passion for and loyalty to T-Mobile and to BlackBerry.

So this is what we’re going to do.

Starting this Friday, we’re offering $200 credit toward a new device when you trade in your current BlackBerry and upgrade to one of the latest, greatest devices.  Purchase any device we offer at T-Mobile.  It’s that simple. Bring in your old, working BlackBerry and we’ll give you $200 toward a new BlackBerry or any of our other state-of-the-art smartphones.i  In addition, for those existing T-Mobile BlackBerry customers trading-in and choosing a new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10, we’re offering an ADDITIONAL $50 off the purchase price of that new BlackBerry. These offers will be available for a limited time.

With our new $200 trade-in offer, combined with our Contract Freedom program (which pays off your early termination fees when you switch to T-Mobile and trade-in your eligible device), that’s a pretty sweet deal for any BlackBerry user. Whoever your current carrier may be.ii There has never been a better time for BlackBerry users to switch to T-Mobile.

As I mentioned above, if you’re a BlackBerry user and already with T-Mobile, we’re going to sweeten the deal even more. Simply trade in your current working BlackBerry and get an extra $50 toward a new BlackBerry 10 device. That’s a total of $250 toward a beautiful new BlackBerry Q10 or Z10 or $200 toward any other device. Got a working BlackBerry 6820 (or other retro-cool BlackBerry) you’re ready to part with? Bring it in and upgrade to your new dream machine. Boom.

As the Un-carrier, we believe in advocating for the customer and delivering choice. So, for example, if you’re a BlackBerry user enrolled in JUMP!, we’ll take a look at both options available to you and give you the very best deal.  The market value of used BlackBerry’s ranges from $5 per device to a little over $100.  Our new offer of $200 for your BlackBerry is intended to go way beyond current market value, as a thank-you to our customers and those BlackBerry users switching to T-Mobile.

So come in to any of our more than 3,000 T-Mobile retail stores across the country to take advantage of this BlackBerry Loyalty Reward offer. BTW, even if we don’t have a BlackBerry device you want in-store, we’re offering free expedited shipping of every new BlackBerry in our portfolio to make sure you get your new device fast.

Again, I love all the passion I’ve seen pouring in from the BlackBerry loyal these past several days. Thanks for the Tweets. We hear you.

We simply have a different point of view on the matter of choice than the one expressed yesterday by Mr. Chen.  The Un-carrier is fundamentally about delivering real flexibility and freedom to wireless customers. It’s just not in us to lock customers in to annual service contracts, make them wait for upgrades … or limit them to one or the other type of device or OS.  That’s not what we’re about.  Thanks for giving us the opportunity to express these values once again.

Looks like they are using this more for trading in your BlackBerry device for credit to switch to other platforms, however if you have an old non BlackBerry 10 device and would like to upgrade to a BlackBerry 10 device then this would work out for you. What do you think of T-Mobile’s latest offering?