Snap2Chat (Snapchat client) will most likely not get approved in BlackBerry World, here is the latest BAR file


Well here’s some sad news for all you Snap2Chat fans out there, it appears that the app has ran into some issues with BlackBerry World. The developer NemOry just let us know that Snap2Chat has a “very low chance to be approved in BlackBerry World”. This is because BlackBerry wants Snapchat to give its permission before the app can be approved. Sounds like a bunch of junk to me but unfortunately it is what it is, at least the developer hasn’t run from the problem.


You can download the bar file to the version ( that he was hoping to get approved in BlackBerry World here.

Here’s the full description of Snap2Chat:

Snapchat is a photo and video sharing social application which allows you to send a ‘snap’ for up to 10 seconds to one or multiple friends ; after which it is deleted from your friends phone and from the snapchat servers! Snapchat is enjoyed by millions of users worldwide, and now so can you.

Snap2Chat is the first and only native Snapchat client available for the BlackBerry 10 platform. It offers features available in Snapchat for iOS and Android in addition to multiple features available exclusively for the BlackBerry 10 platform.

Check out all these features:

  • See your feed, friends, stories, and profiles
  • Send and receive snaps
  • Upload your own Story
  • See who viewed and took a screenshot of your story
  • Register directly from Snap2Chat
  • Front facing flash
  • Replay – re-watch your snaps
  • Edit your snaps with filters and more
  • Set # of best friends
  • Block, unblock, unfriend, add, set a friend’s display name, and accept friend requests

Exclusive features to Snap2Chat only:

  • Snap2Chat presents a whole new way to communicate with other Snap2Chat users – The Shoutbox! ‘Shout’ in the Shoutbox and other Snap2Chat users will be able to like and comment on your ‘Shouts’! Also add friends from the Shoutbox!
  • Customize your app! Select any color for the title bar and choose between a light and dark theme for the whole app.
  • Customize your snap! Use BlackBerry 10’s built in photo editor to edit your snaps. Also choose from a variety of font types of sizes.
  • Unlimited text in captions! Snap2Chat offers the flexibility to write captions longer than one line.
  • Edit your profile
  • View stories individually
  • See your feed in the active frame
  • Invite friends via SMS, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • Set a refresh interval
  • Take a screenshot without the sender finding out!

Snap2Chat offers a number of other features and customizable options designed to make your Snapchat experience friendly, fast and smooth! Please allow all permissions to enjoy an uninterrupted Snap2chat experience – the app will not function without them.

Note – Snap2Chat does not notify the sender when you take a screenshot of their snap. To generate a screenshot notification, pinch the received snap. Keep in mind pinching will not actually take a screenshot – it will only notify the sender. To take an actual screenshot, press both the volume keys of your device together.


NemOry is also asking for our help with getting this app into BlackBerry World by pinging SnapChat and BlackBerry that this app is needed and wanted by everyone and to make that easier he has added in some heart buttons within the about page of the app itself.

Be sure to hit up the comments below and let us, Snapchat, and BlackBerry know, what do you think about this not being in BlackBerry World? Personally I think it’s horrible!!! NemOry has spent a lot of man hours on the development of  Snap2Chat and since the Snapchat folks don’t seem to be making an app they need to give the go ahead on this version.

For any of you that want to show your appreciation to the developer for his long hard work you can do that through his PayPal account.