Tips From Mint Global Marketing: How To Achieve Your Dream Marketing Career

how to achieve your dream marketing career

Marketing can be one of the most difficult industries to break into, especially if you have big ambitions. Marketing and Communication Degrees are extremely popular nowadays, and the career can be one of the most rewarding a lucrative. 

What many do not realize is how much hard work and commitment are required to reach the point of comfort in marketing. This isn’t to dissuade anyone from chasing their dreams; it’s just the reality. In fact, to help you achieve your marketing dreams and reach the career you desire,

I’ve contacted Mint Global Marketing and have asked them to share some tips with you all. Mint Global Marketing is one of the major internet marketing firms and lead generation agencies in the world, and they gave me some excellent advice for marketing enthusiasts to reach their dreams. 

Learn as much as you Can

Mint Global Marketing made it very clear that they weren’t talking about getting degrees when they gave me this advice. You can get an entire Bachelor’s Degree without learning a thing. 

The important part of learning is absorbing the information and knowing how to use it in a real-life setting. This means spending as much of your time as possible on learning and developing your own skills. 

Even without a degree, there are so many resources on the internet that can teach you what you need to know that there is no excuse for not trying. 

Internships are Invaluable

One of the best ways to learn real-life marketing is through internships. Mint Global Marketing gave the same warning as before. 

Your goal while interning is to learn. Do not accept the first internship offer you receive without understanding what you will be doing. You want to intern at a place that will teach you what you should know to be a successful marketer, not at a place that will have you post pre-made posts on social media every day. 

Now, if they also have you create those posts and give you the tools necessary to review them, that’s a win. 

Freelance (Even if you Feel Unprepared) 

If you’ve done a fair share of research and learning, Mint Global Marketing insists that you’re more prepared for freelance work than you believe. Hop on a site like Upwork or Fiverr and do some digging.

Odds are that you’ll find a job that you have more than enough skills for. And if you don’t have those skills? Time to do some more research and learn! Beyond just what you’ll learn when you freelance, it will also be a fantastic way to build up your resume and experience. 

Find a Mentor

This is a bit of mid-career advice, or even early career if you manage to land an internship or junior role at a respected agency. If you can find someone who has been there and done that, then congratulations because you just found a fountain of knowledge. 

Many marketing veterans (and veterans in any industry) are more than willing to share their knowledge and help you along. They can give you personalized advice and paths that you won’t find anywhere else. Even your university professors may be a fantastic resource.

Never Stop Learning

Marketing, more than any other industry, changes constantly. If you want to be successful and a career marketer, then you need to change with the industry. 

Keep your finger on the pulse for new techniques and strategies, and never be afraid of changing with the times.


Marketing is a dynamic field that never stands still, regardless of your company’s stage of development. 2022 is no different. Continue Reading