Jurgen Cautreels: How To Overcome Obstacles In The Internet Marketing Industry

Internet Marketer Jurgen Cautreels

There are many obstacles in internet marketing, especially for small businesses. It can be difficult to create and mold an online presence, it can be hard to build and maintain a brand without copying another company’s, and it can be hard to understand exactly who you should target and how you should do so. 

This is where experience comes into play. Marketing experts like Jurgen Cautreels have worked with small and large businesses for years to come up with solutions to these common problems. Jurgen Cautreels is actually one of the most respected internet marketers in the industry today and has had record-breaking results. 

Jurgen Cautreels agreed to share some advice for overcoming internet marketing obstacles, and I’m going to give those tips right to you, so enjoy! 

Figuring out your Target Audience

Huge companies and corporations spend millions of dollars every single year on marketing. They don’t spend this money entirely on creating ads and paying for TV time. No, they spend millions just figuring out whom to market towards. 

But small businesses do not have the resources of these large corporations, so can they even compete? Of course, they can! Jurgen Cautreels says it takes a little elbow grease and hard work to figure out your business’s target audience. 

Using survey tools on your website and conducting occasional surveys is a fantastic way to figure out your audience. Adding analytics to your site is another fantastic way. And finally, Jurgen Cautreels recommends good old-fashioned research. 

Going on social media, scoping out your followers and your competition’s followers, and seeing which demographics they’re in and what else they follow is a great way to pinpoint your audience. 

Testing your Strategies

Another aspect of marketing that smaller businesses often overlook is the testing process, according to Jurgen Cautreels. Sometimes real-world results do not match our expectations and can even be completely unintuitive. 

Cautreels recommends adding A/B testing to your site and checking the data constantly. A/B testing is the process of creating two different versions of a webpage and figuring out which one leads to more conversions. The different versions don’t have to be completely different; they could just have a different CTA or product image. Just because your business is small doesn’t mean you can’t optimize every aspect of it for the best results. 

Managing Marketing Time 

Large businesses can afford to be everywhere at once. They have no problem hiring someone for Twitter, Discord, or Facebook and planning out every post weeks beforehand. This isn’t viable for smaller businesses and single entrepreneurs most of the time. 

However, you do not have to focus on every platform for the same amount of time. Jurgen Cautreels recommends being on every single platform but managing your time wisely. 

If your target audience doesn’t use TikTok, for example, then there’s no reason for you to post TikToks every single day. Managing your time also allows you to post more quality posts on social media platforms, which are important. 

Maintaining Customers

It is a lot cheaper to keep a customer than to get a new one. Jurgen Cautreels recommends that businesses put as much effort as possible into keeping a customer. 

This means your product needs to be great, and your customer service needs to be world-class. Beyond a great product, you can also set up an email list and newsletter to keep your customers engaged and periodically remind them about your product. 

These are proven methods and extremely easy for any business to set up.