Career Pathways: WealthPress’ Roger Scott Shares How To Become A Head Trader

Roger Scott, Founder and Head Trader at WealthPress

Roger Scott is the head trader for WealthPress, an organization dedicated to improving the financial literacy of everyone, no matter their background. Roger Scott has actually been trading successfully for over 25 years and has mentored countless new traders.

I know many people here have thought about becoming a trader or are even in the industry trying to climb their way up. That’s why I’ve asked WealthPress’ Roger Scott for some advice on becoming a head trader at the company you desire. 

Beyond your Degree

The first thing that Roger Scott recommends for those pursuing a degree in trading, business, or anything similar, is that you spend time outside of class and homework learning about your interests. 

Usually, degrees are very broad and you will never be able to learn exactly what you need just from class. Your classes will give you the building blocks, and a structured learning strategy, but it is up to you to pursue your career path as early as possible. 

This includes learning while you’re in school. Thankfully, being in school also gives you an invaluable resource to pursue your own learning; your professors. 

Podcasts & Books 

Whether you’re in school, self-taught, or in the industry, you should never stop learning. Use podcasts and books to learn something new every single day. Always expand your knowledge and your skill set. 

Head traders need to have experience, and an extremely broad knowledge base of all things trading. This means they need to know many strategies and even some history if they want to make it to the top. 


Internships are a great way to get real-world experience trading for a company, and not just your own personal portfolio. Roger Scott still recommends building up your own trading portfolio, as this was his strategy before building his career with WealthPress. 

However, internships will teach you so much about the trading industry and they will look absolutely fantastic on your resume. 


Roger Scott also recommends finding a mentor that has made it to the top. This could be someone at your internship, someone from a company that you have an interest in, or even a college professor that you admire. 

These people will be able to give you very specific advice that you will not be able to find anywhere else. The best part is that many of these expert traders love nothing more than to give out advice and help others that are passionate about trading, especially if they show they’re willing to put in the work to master the craft. 

Roger Scott says that there’s a sense of pride that you cannot get anywhere else than from mentoring a passionate pupil that finds success. 

Finger on the Pulse

This advice is for once you have landed a job and have had a few years of experience. Roger Scott says that you should always have your finger on the pulse when trading. 

There will always be new strategies and new businesses that pop up, and it’s up to you to stay with the times. Many traders get stuck in their ways, and while they’re able to make money, they’re not able to impress. 

Head traders, more than anyone, need to be able to change with the times and utilize cutting-edge strategies. This may also mean building a network of traders whom you can discuss and theorize with.

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