“Switch to Android” Quick Setting Button Spotted In BlackBerry Passport Photo

We have been hearing rumors around the Internet about how BlackBerry’s new Venice smartphone will run on Android while other devices clearly seem to be running on BlackBerry 10. A photo revealed on Twitter just moments ago might put an end to our curiosity.

The photo shows us the BlackBerry Passport with a “Switch to Android” button via quick settings.

This makes it seem as though the BlackBerry Passport is capable of being a dual-boot device (and possibly Venice). As they say in Hannah Montana (a television series), you can get the best out of both worlds if this is true – BlackBerry 10 for productivity and security while you can have the full Android experience a click away for mobile gaming, Android applications and Google’s services without having to side-load.

It is unsure whether BlackBerry plans to implement such a feature in their Passport or not, however, they should certainly consider it as it may get a lot of attention from BlackBerry users and hardcore Android fans alike. I know it will certainly spark my interest.

Would you purchase a dual-boot BlackBerry Passport if this proves to be true? Let us know in the comments below.