Where To Buy A BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition In The UK

If you live in the UK and you’re finding it difficult to find the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, you can pick one up straight from Carphone Warehouse. The mobile phone retailer has always been loyal to BlackBerry devices in the United Kingdom, meaning you could have seen BlackBerry smartphones in stock while other UK retailers failed to offer the devices.
The mobile cellphone retailer offers both the black and silver variants of the handset for the same price tag (£27.50) which is also pretty interesting. If you chose to purchase the device without a SIM card, you’d quickly notice that the prices differ.

£27.50 per month for the phone gets you the following from Carphone Warehouse :

  • 1GB of  4G data
  • Unlimited Calls
  • Unlimited Texting

For those in the UK who are interested in getting their hands on the smartphone, you can order one straight from the official website here. Of course, there are better plans to get with the device, however, they’re all more expensive than the £27.50 per month price tag (obviously!).