Review: BlackBerry 10 Native Music Player on Z10


I’ve read a lot of comments on how the native music player for the BlackBerry Z10 works and what updates comes with it. I’ve decided to break it down for you and let me start by saying that this is nothing like we’re used to on legacy devices. The look is sexy and the functionality is fluent. Continue reading for full review.

The main photo above features two screenshots. The larger screenshot is the active app open with music playing. Just like in legacy devices you can play music and multi task around hammering out emails, BBM’s and text messages. With BlackBerry 10 you can now play music and use your camera to take pictures at the same time. You could NOT do this with legacy device. In OS7 and below once you open up the native camera app while listening to music the camera supersedes and your music stops playing. Not the case with BlackBerry 10. You can now use the native camera and take pictures without your music being interrupted – Very Cool!!

While on the homescreen, HUB and other native apps you have the ability to view your notifications bar which display your battery meter, time and signal strength.  If your music player is active within that notification bar you will see a “play button” triangle icon letting you know that music is playing – something that is cool and new to BlackBerry 10. No more wasted battery because your volume was down or muted and you did not know your music app was running in the background.

Also new to BlackBerry 10 in terms of the native music player is a nice music player popup is what I call it. Still using the top image as a legend locate the smaller screenshot. With legacy devices a tap of the side convenience keys allowed you to skip tracks and pause. The Z10 does indeed come equipped with side convenience keys and can be used to control music volume and tracks  BUT you need to turn this feature “ON” in a setting. Check the How TO Here.  If you happen to skip a track or raise the volume using one of the convenience keys a small music player popup appear which allows you to use the touchscreen and reverse, pause/play, or skip tracks. Some might find this cool with others might see it at annoying if you’re in the middle of a conversation or reading something off the web browser.

native 3

Once you actually launch the music player you will be directed to a “recent music” section with your latest music shown. This is new as the legacy media player opened up your music library at launch. One thing I missed upon first using the new music player was the ability to start typing the name of a song and easily locating it. With the tap of a key this can be performed on the Z10 using the search but we’ll see once the Q10 is launched if we will be able to start searching for content by using your keypad  You can bring up the keyboard on the Z10 while in the music player but the keys become inactive as nothing happens when you press and hold keys.

The bottom icons in your music player will help navigate through your Recent Music, Library, Playlist and Menu. The Library will open up allowing you to pick songs by Artist, Album or Genre – there is no Songs tab so if you want to search for a specific song, again use the bottom 3 dotted icon on the bottom right to open up a slew of options. This menu will allow you to Shuffle All, Search, Select items and more.


If you’re wondering about playlists, BlackBerry 10 has revamped its music playlist.  To locate or create a new music playlist you must first use the bottom icon labeled playlist. Once you open it your current saved playlists will appear as well as the option to create a new one. To create a new one click the “create new” tile and you will be allowed to add songs found in your music library. Once you’re done simple save the playlist and you’re good to go! If you need to edit your playlist,  rename it, or add/delete songs you can use the “edit” function to make any changes to a saved playlist. I’m not sure how many playlists you’re allowed to create so if you reach a cap let us know!!


While playing a song a cover photo will appear. If no photo, this blue music note with sound bars will appear which isn’t bad looking. Skipping tracks, repeating and volume control is all easy to use and find. While in a song you can also peek and lower your cover art to view other songs in your library. Feel free to tap a new song or even use the 3 dotted menu key to bring up a menu of options such as “add to playlist”, head to BlackBerry World and more.

Overall the new music player for BlackBerry  is a significant upgrade in terms of the look and user interface and its nothing we’ve seen before on any previous BlackBerry but its features are fairly standard as its job is to play music and it does – Pretty darn well.

If you find other music player features on BlackBerry 10, tips and tricks let us know!!