Review: PowerSkin NFC Enabled Case For BlackBerry Z10


Just received the PowerSkin silicone NFC enabled case for the BlackBerry Z10 today, I must say I like it a lot for many reasons. This is the first NFC enabled case built for BlackBerry, it is not too bulky. Features of the PowerSkin case:

Extra Power – It provides on the go charging for the Z10. How so? First off it has a built-in 1500mAh  rechargeable battery. It lets you actually charge your Z10 1800mAh battery giving you a whopping 3300mAh combo, How exactly does it charge the phone?

100_8743The built in battery comes with a microUSB cable that connects to your Z10 device, after it is connected you can simply use the pocket on the left to secure the cable and your device charging port.

It also lets you charge & sync your device and case while it is connected to your computer, no need to remove the case if you want to connect device to computer. (Case is charging, phone is charging and data is flowing)

02-500x500Device hardware keys (lock, volume controls) are covered with case rubberized button covers.

07-500x500This case was built for power users that want that extra battery juice but also want to keep their device protected at the same time. The PowerSkin case for the Z10 is built with the latest technology, something you do not see in cases that much. I love that I can talk on the phone, go to the gym, movies or anywhere my phone goes it is being charged by the case, no wires. BlackBerry has a charging bundle which is great for giving battery juice, but the wire charging your device is hanging and it is not a case where it can protect your phone.

In case you were wondering, well how do I know how much battery the case has? PowerSkin added a built in battery LED indicator that lets you see how much battery is left and charged. 4 circled blue LED lights each marking the 25%.


  • 1 light – 25%
  • 2 lights – 50%
  • 3 lights – 75%
  • 4 lights  – Charge complete – 100%

Pretty neat huh? Another thing to note is that small squared button beneath the 4 LED lights is the on and off switch, turn it off to use your device battery, turn it on to charge your device battery with the case battery.



If you have any questions about the case or its functionality feel free to drop a comment below. The case is going for a well worth price tag of $79.99, for more information visit PowerSkin.