How To: Skip Songs in Music Player Using Volume Control Keys on BlackBerry Z10


Yesterday while listening to music on the Z10 I tried changing the track using the volume control keys. Sadly it did not work. Legacy devices allow you to skip to the next song using the the top volume control key and skip back a track using the lower volume key. I was a bit discouraged when this did not work. Well come to find out there is a toggle setting in BlackBerry 10 which allows you to enable this neat feature. Continue reading for more.

To activate this music shortcut perform a top down swipe to bring down the settings menu. Go ahead and tap on the settings icon. Scroll down to the 4th icon on the list which will be titled “System Volume” – Main Volume Control. Towards the bottom of the screen you will see a toggle switch which says “Music Shortcuts.”

Toggle the switch to “On” and that should allow you to press and hold the Volume up and Volume down control keys to skip songs.



This toggle setting will allow you to use your volume¬†control¬†keys to skip songs within the Native Music Player. Right now we’re testing this on 3rd party music applications such as Slacker but so far no luck. I’ll be back with more tips and work arounds.