BlackBerry 10 homescreen and launcher officially previewed

I’m sure by now RIM has stolen your attention and overdosed you on curiosity in what’s to come for the world of BlackBerry in its highly anticipated upcoming OS10. So far, we’ve gotten to see the company’s developer handset, along with a few video previews of the BlackBerry 10 software. One element that’s remained elusive to this point, however, was the home screen itself.

BlackBerry 10 home screen:

All of that changed, images have begun popping up all over tech blogs as RIM is now providing a sneak peek of the home screen and the full launcher. At first you might mistake the home screen as being populated with widgets, in fact, these are open applications that will dynamically change based on your activities. Much of the interface will be gesture-driven, I’m sure Playbook users are at an advantage of familiarity with this, and as such, a quick swipe to the right will bring the full launcher to the forefront — just hop the break for a glimpse. Similarly, a swipe to the left will reveal the unified inbox. The result is nothing revolutionary, but the BlackBerry 10 designers certainly deserve credit for the clean and functional interface — it’s but one more reason to be excited for what’s next.

BlackBerry 10 icons: