Why we still need the BlackBerry

While critics continue to bash RIM and throw all sorts of unsolicited negative opinion on the BlackBerry brand, it’s refreshing to find an article written with a hint of hope for the company and the brand.

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In an article published recently on FoxNews.com, it was noted that “the Blackberry builder is still a key part of the modern smartphone market — and a vital alternative to the world’s iClones.”

Despite what critics had to say about the BlackBerry 10 Alpha, and about RIM’s ads and marketing campaigns, experts still recognize what RIM and BlackBerry smartphones have to offer.

“Everyone is chasing Apple at the moment, [but] RIM is really the only company that might be able to supply a complete alternative to the iPhone clones the market is awash with at the moment,” popular tech analyst Rob Enderle told FoxNews.com.

“Google, Apple, and Microsoft are pretty good at keeping the pressure on the segment — and part of RIM’s problem is they became redundant,” Enderle said. “On the other hand each of these companies is almost 100 percent focused on consumers, and RIM was the only company truly focused on business needs.”

“RIM still has the best hardware keyboards in the business,” Sascha Segan, lead mobile analyst for PCMag.com, told FoxNews.com. “BlackBerries generally have great battery life and are the most efficient users of crowded cellular networks,” he added.

“They’ve solved a problem in terms of security and reliability that these other guys can’t touch,” Linley Gwennap, president and principal analyst of the tech-focused Linley Group, told FoxNews.com.

“They have some unique assets and a solid customer base where some of their competitors don’t,” he said. “Blackberry is still a very strong brand. There are a lot of people that feel strongly about it as a brand. There’s got to be a way for them to take advantage of that.”

“It would be a little sad to have a world where everything is Apple and Android,” Gwennap said.

Indeed RIM has its share of shortcomings over the years, but the company has also contributed a lot to businesses and consumers.  It’s good to know that tech experts like Rob Enderle, Sascha Segan (of PCMag.com), and Linley Gwennap (of the Linley Group), and credible news networks like Fox News continue to see things objectively.

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Source: FoxNews.com