Does Your BlackBerry Phone Need a Boost? Oberry! (New Theme)

In a world of BlackBerry OS7 phones, there are legions of users roaming the streets like the walking dead; gaunt and pale, reaching out for Theme Builder 7 (which seems like it’s never coming!!!!). Into that ghostly scene comes Oberry OS7 by Best139 Designs and wow! Life has returned to BlackBerry 7 users! The animations and details on this theme make it unusual and welcomed.

Oberry with user wallpaper


Look at this screen! Yes, I know it’s colorful. LOL. That’s my wallpaper. But look at the details of this theme. The upper banner is a two-tone grey with a large clock and innovative time display. The hour numeral is small and the minutes larger. The banner has a weather slot or OCD. You may place any app there in slot 0. At the right of the banner, you will see a shade pull in the shape of a ring. Touch it and the shade lowers your app screen icons in a row.

Oberry with shade lowered


The icons listed on your app screen appear on your window shade when it is lowered. You may then scroll left and right through the icons. Click the shade pull to raise the shade out of the way of your wallpaper. Another feature you may have noticed is the Media tab on the home screen. What an innovative and excellent addition to the home screen! Touch the arrow and all the content of your Media folder are available on your home screen!

Oberry Media folder open


Not only a handy idea, that Media tab; but a necessity. See, without TB7, the contents of folders are blank in custom themes like this one. So the Media folder contents are still available to the user from the home screen. There is also the problem of the app screen. It is white in the custom theme, which is why we haven’t seen a lot of them yet.

Oberry app screen

The icons in this theme are custom. The graphics are realistic and detailed. The indicators are the same red star like in all other OS6 and 7 themes. On the home screen, there is an indicator bar at the bottom. This is a custom design as well. The default themes include the notification bar at the top and it takes up valuable screen real estate. I like this placement much better as I can see more of my wallpaper and the indicators don’t destroy the beauty of it.

Oberry with user wallpaper


Oberry by Best139 Designs is a custom BlackBerry OS7 theme that adds life to your phone. Run to Mobihand and try it out and see if you don’t love it! The theme is $4.99 but is worth the money spent! Enjoy a custom theme and a very functional one at that.

Oberry with user wallpaper


Buy this theme at Mobihand and add some color and style to your BlackBerry.