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Building for the BlackBerry Classic Webcast on October 30th

BlackBerry will be hosting a webcast on October 30, 2014 at 9:00:00 AM CDT,  this webcast will help you learn how to develop applications for the BlackBerry Classic. Check out what BlackBerry had to say below. In early October we released the BlackBerry 10.3.1 beta developer software.  We have this webcast to help you learn directly from BlackBerry experts how you can build apps for the BlackBerry Classic and leverage the new and exciting features introduced with BlackBerry 10.3.1 OS. Attend this webcast to:

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New 10.3 BAR files leaked – Use on Developer OS

As many of you know the BlackBerry SDK Developer OS was released a few days ago, and at the time of that release we let everyone know that (as with all developer OS’s) it was missing a lot of apps we normally use. We know many of you decided to load it anyhow and to somewhat complete the OS you just used .bar files from the OS. Well Adam Szucs has just released  an app pack that contains newer .bar files than the .296 ones that we all had installed.

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BlackBerry SDK OS now available for download

If you are a BlackBerry developer and have been waiting on the latest SDK OS then it’s time to fire up your computers because has just been released. Before all of the non developers get anxious and think this is a leaked full OS let us say, THIS IS A DEVELOPER OS AND WILL BE MISSING A LOT OF THINGS THAT WE NORMALLY SEE, WHICH MEANS IT IS NOT A COMPLETE OS. Now with that said we are sure folks that aren’t developers will want to play with this latest OS even if it is missing things so we have those links below for you.

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BlackBerry Z3 Official

BlackBerry Z3 will run BlackBerry Z30 apps

BlackBerry Z3 ‘Jakarta’ will run BlackBerry Z30 apps just the way BlackBerry Q20 will run Q10/Q5 apps, BlackBerry just sent out an e-mail to developers letting them know that their Z30 apps will be Z3 compatible and will automatically opt-in to making them compatible in the BlackBerry World storefront. BlackBerry is making it easier than ever for developers to continue their normal developments as newer devices continue to be compatible with the older models, see e-mail from BlackBerry below.

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Follow the BlackBerry Developer Blog this week to join the #BlackBerryDevEd conversation

BlackBerry just let us know that there will be a BlackBerry Developer’s discussion this week  via the Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog. This is a great opportunity for prospective developer students to learn first-hand some steps they can take to advance their college career. Please feel free to share and discuss this series on social media using the hashtag #BlackBerryDevEd.

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Android Devs! Submit an app between now and Jan. 28 to receive 500 Jam Zone Rewards Points!

The team over at the BlackBerry Dev Blog just let us know that all Android developers who submit their apps between now and January 28, 2014 will receive 500 Jam Zone Rewards Points* as a thank you. If you are an Android developer please be sure to submit your latest version of any and all apps to BlackBerry World by the deadline date.

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BlackBerry Jam Direct Android Virtual Conference tomorrow

A week ago, we posted about the new approach BlackBerry is taking to help draw in developers and educate those interested in developing for the platform. This is of course, in the wake of new that BlackBerry Jam Europe was being cancelled. I personally haven’t tried it, but it sounds like an effective way for distributing information, without limiting the participation.

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Dandy and Alec Saunders searching for next big app – Chime in

Mobile app crowdsharing platform, Dandy is giving one aspiring Canadian app creator the chance to have their app built and launched within 60 days. A jury of technical, commercialization and marketing experts, will select the winner from 10 candidates with Alec Saunders, VP Developer Relations for BlackBerry as a guest. This is a part of Dandy’s 60 Day Challenge in which the community will vote on submitted app ideas, winners are chosen and Dandy takes the app from concept to launch within 60 days. This has been made possible thanks to a recent $300,000 investment from BlackBerry and BDC Ventures. Press release:

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BlackBerry: collaboration with local farm leads to new mobile app, Herrle’s Country Farm Market

Earlier this month, BlackBerry’s Developer Relations team collaborated with local shop owner and BlackBerry enthusiast, Trevor Herrle-Braun owner of Herrle’s Country Farm Market, about an exciting new concept to help increase the visibility of the Herrle brand. Using the existing elements of the Herrle’s Country Farm Market webpage, the Developer Relations team at BlackBerry built the foundation of a mobile app that would leverage the existing functionality of the BlackBerry 10 platform. Having a strong desire to create a mobile app for his farm but needing the technical ability to create it, BlackBerry Developers assisted Braun to create an app that fit all of his needs. As a result, in less than 2 weeks Trevor had a fully functional BlackBerry 10 mobile app for his local shop – Herrle Country Farm Market. The app has a variety of features beyond the basics of connecting with the business:

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All BlackBerry Z10 Apps Will Work With Z30

Great news for developers, all BlackBerry Z10 apps will work with the new BlackBerry Z30, better yet BlackBerry will automatically add support for them via the vendor portal. The apps will work, however with the larger screen size minor UI tweaks might have to be made. For your added convenience, we have automatically expanded your device support to include the new smartphone. You may want to do some additional development and testing to ensure that the UI is optimized for the new screen size and resolution. See e-mail that was sent to developers:

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