What Is Java Used For?

Java is a programming language used by developers to create applications on your computer. Created in a collaboration between Netscape and Sun Microsystems, it was released in 1995. Most people who regularly use the internet will have used a program that requires Java runtime. In fact, the program you are using right now may very well be written using Java. Java can be used for almost anything, and because of that is considered a “general purpose” language. Java is most useful for the web and Android applications, and is a great first coding language for beginners.

Learning to Code

If you’re someone who is interested in learning to code, then Java is an easy place to start. It has been around for a very long time, and because of that it is well established when it comes to coding language. That establishment is important because there are lots of great resources to help you learn since it’s been around for so long.  

Another key reason why Java is such a good beginner coding language is because it derives its syntax from C, which is what a lot of other languages also derive their syntax from. That means that once you learn Java, learning many other coding languages will be much easier. Most people who get into coding will plan on learning more than just one coding language, so it’s important to start somewhere where you can develop a good base. Java is a very flexible language, so it allows developers a lot of freedom to write code how they want and doesn’t keep them locked away from other coding styles. The best and easiest online resource for learning Java is javascript.com.

Become a Programmer

Java is something that will teach you not only to be, but to think like a programmer. Everything you learn about Java will help you learn other coding languages. While learning your first coding language may be the hardest part about programming, it’s also the most rewarding because once you get it down everything else will come much easier. Companies everywhere are hiring Java developers because of how widely it’s used, and because of that there is no shortage of jobs. If you learn Java, you’ll have learned a skill that will serve you for the rest of your programming career.