What Kind of SaaS Programs Can Help You Stay Competitive in Your Industry?

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If you’re still using paper-based system or outdated software to keep your business in competitive mode, you might find yourself falling further behind. Consider the cost of using paper alone is already cutting into your budget, not including the time it takes to create documents. Don’t forget about the cost of postage as well when sending paper out by mail.

A lot of these challenges become solved when using an SaaS program. With so many to choose from, though, it’s overwhelming to find what you truly need. What’s important is to find SaaS tools you know can help you stay competitive.

Using paper-based systems won’t help you keep up with business and customer demands. It only slows things down, and may even create downtime solving mistakes.

Here’s the best SaaS tools available to keep you competitive into the coming decade.

SaaS Programs for Proposal Creation

Whether you create one proposal a week, or one every hour, the process is time consuming and repetitive. And then after you send it out, there’s the need to follow up, check in, and get signatures. All in all, this is one of the biggest time sinks for sales, marketing, and other industries. But solutions like Proposable allow you to quickly pump out proposals from pre-made templates, give you analytics on if they’re viewed, how often they’re viewed, and where it’s shared.

Plus, they also have an easy to use signature tool built right into their interface. It is the quintessential must-have for anyone who works with proposals.

Improving Check-In at Events

Another example in moving away from paper is the ability to do digital check-ins to your business events. You may hold special events throughout the year to network with business associates or customers.

You’ll find event experts noting how hard-copy handouts like brochures and flyers slow down the check-in process. Using nothing but paper is going to cost more money and possibly create confusion if something goes wrong.

Through SaaS platforms like Check-In Easy, this process works digitally to remove paper and assure your guests approve their tickets. This is going to work effectively for guests arriving you didn’t expect. Keep in mind a digital app checks in people several seconds faster to avoid lineups or downtime solving problems.

Bringing efficiency to your business events is going to help you build solid relationships, including when networking with influential people. Afterward, the app’s analytics show you exactly who attended so you can attract the same people again.

Analyzing Your Phone Calls

Remember to focus on the value in your business’s inbound and outbound calls. The customer service you provide here can frequently determine how loyal customers stay. To stay competitive, you need to analyze your phone calls as part of your overall data mining insights.

Voicebase is a good example of what’s available in SaaS programs to thoroughly analyze each call received. By focusing on the voice of the customer, you study exactly what phrases your customers use for better targeted customer service.

Determining lead quality is just as essential so you don’t waste time on customers that aren’t committed to buying immediately. Through actionable call data, you’ll also scope out churn to find out exactly why your customers leave.

Keep reading us to learn more about the value SaaS programs bring to maintain your competitive edge.