BlackBerry relaunches the Bold 9900 for Pre-Order on shopBlackBerry

blackberry bold 9900 dakota1 BlackBerry relaunches the Bold 9900 for Pre Order on shopBlackBerry

Yes, it is 2014 and not 2011. BlackBerry have relaunched the BlackBerry Bold 9900 on their US store, shopBlackBerry. John Chen previously announced at the Q4 2014 conference call that the device would be relaunched. 

The device is up for pre-order at $399.00 and shipping will start from June 18th onwards. If you didn’t already know, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 features BlackBerry’s legacy OS, BB OS 7 and is most probably BlackBerry’s most iconic and best selling device to date. Many will be questioning just how many of this device they will ship, but I’m sure we’ll hear something at the Q1 2015 conference call.

Bold 9900 615x397 BlackBerry relaunches the Bold 9900 for Pre Order on shopBlackBerry

No word on whether the UK store will also put the device up for sale, but we’ll make sure to let you guys know once we find out.

What do you guys make of this news? Let us know in the comments below!

Pre-order the BlackBerry Bold 9900 today


  1. bad mojo92 says

    I just don’t get it….ok BlackBerry is trying to get back enterprise customers….ok they are releasing BlackBerry 10 phones later in the year along with BES 12… does it all fit in? on one hand they want to increase the sales of BB10 devices and on the other hand to woo the enterprise customers they release or rather re release bold…just doesn’t make sense!

    • says

      It sounds mad, but maybe when they say “More people prefer the trackpad” or even BBOS as a whole, they’re not lying? I mean, when you look at sales figures, people really are purchasing BBOS phones. Even the Bold 9900 is still worth a bit, even more than BB10 devices such as the Z10/Q5. The $400 price point might be much, but I imagine this is for the diehards.

      I don’t agree with the price point, but if they manage to ship a healthy number of the Bold devices, that’s money in the bank, since this is manufactured by BlackBerry and not Foxconn.

  2. keith says

    Not sure, I had a 9900 then got the z10 and now have z30. I use the 9900 for work and it’s just awkward, slow and needing the bb10 os. I cannot go backwards

  3. bryan says

    No way would I pay 400 bucks for a 9900. When you can purchase a q5 for 150-200 in Canada at koodo off contract. Z10 is 200 bucks off contract at future shop.

    This makes no sense to me. 80 dollar 9900 sure why not, someone might lay that… Not me . I have seen the 520 windows phone for 59. And it is better than the 9900 in every way except bbm. Which is coming.

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