Wrap yourself in a “Haze” of glory with a new Halloween theme from Vision Mobility

Halloween is soon approaching, and what better way to get in the spirit then with an awesome Halloween theme by Jake of Vision Mobility/BlackberryThemePark.  You know Jake’s themes are of the best quality and design, and they run smooth as silk.  His newest release, Haze is an amazing mix of creativity, design, and functionality.  Haze won’t put you in a fog every time you use it.  In fact, it is so clear and easy to use, you will want to keep this even after Halloween is over.  There are so many home screen options that it will look like you have a new theme each time.  Read more and wrap yourself with Haze.


Default Home Screen

At first glance of the home screen (don’t you just love the cute creepy skull?)  You see 2 banners on the top and bottom of the screen.  Top has the date, and the bottom the custom signal meters all in an orange font in keeping with the Halloween theme.   Wait.  Where are the notifications?  Ahh…see those are hidden, and can be shown or not.  This feature allows for even better wall paper viewing.


Notification Bar


Clicking + will slide the bottom banner down and reveal the notification bar.  Still stays semi-transparent so wall paper is seen well.  See you don’t even need a Halloween wall paper to make this theme look good.  Use whatever you like. Click – to hide the notifications.  I’m loving the way it moves flawlessly.


OCD Slot


The ever popular ocd  slot is on the top left and can be shown using ! and hidden with ?.  I like having the text there as well.  Now if you have light wall paper, and want to have that icon stand out, there is also a tinted banner for the ocd icon. @ activates it and $ hides it.  You will see it in the next ss.


Dock and OCD banner


No, I haven’t forgotten about the hidden dock.  A 5 custom icon dock (love these icons!!) slides up with * and slides back down with #.  Again the dock has a transparent background so the wall paper will still show nicely.  I don’t usually keep my dock activated, but with this one, it makes the whole screen look good!  The custom icons are the bomb.   The ocd banner is also activated here. OCD is a hotspot for your favorite app, and is position 6 on the application screen.   You really won’t have to leave the home screen.  There are plenty of shortcuts also icluded:

  • (S) -Universal Search (OS 6 devices)
  • (F) – Sound Profiles
  • (ALT+W) – Media:Pictures
  • (ALT+E) – Media:Music
  • (ALT+R) – Media:Videos
  • (ALT+S) – Twitter for BlackBerry
  • (ALT+D) – Facebook
  • (ALT+F) – YouTube(OS 6 Only)
  • (ALT+Z) – Wifi Setup
  • (ALT+X) – Ringtones
  • (ALT+C) – Manage Connections



Application Screen


I love this screen.  The silver background is perfect to show off  the orange and black icons.  Orange menu pop-ups and deep orange focus bars and icons throughout the UI.  Jake has really done well in keeping the graphics and colors consistent through out.  And the orange accents are perfect for fall and Halloween.  How could you not want this theme?


Home Screen with dock and no ocd


No matter what configuration you choose, Haze is a knock out each time.  One theme, with all the options you want or need.   Whether you use it as a Halloween theme or not.  Jake’s themes are among my favorite, from Cheshire to Pristine to Tarnished to Captivated….They are all stunning themes.  Haze is another you can add to the impressive collection.  If you haven’t already, you need to visit BlackberryThemePark and check out his work.  You will not be sorry you did.  Haze runs very smooth, the file size is under 1mb, and as you have seen looks great. Available now for members at BlackBerryThemePark for Torch and Bold OS6, and coming soon to App World!   Haze just feels good.  Don’t you want to feel good?  Wrap your self around Haze.


Home Screen