Special Sale to Celebrate Launch of BerryGlowDesigns.com

The design team at BerryGlowDesigns has announced a special $0.99 sale on all their themes until Monday at midnight. This is your opportunity to snatch up a few excellent themes by BGD at rock-bottom prices. Among others for sale are AquaGlow which I reviewed here and Naturize, reviewed here.

Aqua Glow by BGD

The special sale is to announce and celebrate the launch of the website BerryGlowDesigns.com.
As a giveaway, you may snag a FREE copy of the Neon Series on App World. The Neon Series is the first BGD theme ever released and it will be FREE for only a limited time at AppWorld here. The Neon Series is actually a range of 15 themes based on the same concept, using different colors and different Today Plus areas on the home screen.  I did a review of the first BGD theme here.

Don’t let this pass you buy! Head on over to AppWorld and grab a copy of the Neon Series for FREE. The colors are stunning; including metallic pink, blue, green and red. Or scroll on over to our BBE Mobihand store and for simply $0.99, you can download any one of BGD’s splashy themes. Check out Sharp! Ice and Sharp! Pink while you are there! I reviewed them here! Can you tell I am a BGD fan?

AquaGlow by BGD

What are you waiting for? The $0.99 sale is at Mobihand and the FREE Neon Series themes are at AppWorld. Come on, man! You got some browsing to do! Check out their home page here. BGD, an up and coming theme powerhouse. Sample their work and purchase yourself a few $0.99 themes.