WP8 Like for Berry Adds a Touch of Windows Mobile to Your BlackBerry Phone

So yes, we OS7 users have been missing custom themes. But it’s getting much better. Best139 Design has released another gem of an OS7 theme for the 99xx series phones called WP8 Like- a theme for your Berry. It combines the best of the Windows Mobile design and features with the touch screen 99xx series BlackBerry. I’m excited!

WP8 Berry by best139 Design

Let’s look at the features of this classy theme. There is a large, easily read clock with day and date underneath. I love this design in the corner of the home screen. Then you have the notifications and meters at the bottom and the text for the OCD slot as well. The slot (slot 1) is located in the upper right-hand corner. Notice the little arrow? touch it and you move to the Start screen.

WP8 Berry app screen number 1

Click the little arrow on the home screen and go here. All these icons can be reached with touch pad or touch screen. Nice, because they are large enough just to stab at one and get where you are going. Another arrow leads to the Today screen. You can follow the arrows to get to the icons you want or simply hit the bb button and immediately go to the app screen.

WP8 Berry app screen

The icons are a white line drawing design and stand out against the blue background. The focus icons and highlight colors are the bright blue as well. Oh did I mention the animation? The home screen slides up out of the way to reveal the windows-like icons and the Start screen slides left to the Today menu. Buttons, animation, arrows and large clock. What a fantastic looking and operating theme!

The home screen of WP8 with user wallpaper

Another feature I really like about this theme is that when you click on one of the icons in, let’s say, the Media folder, the icons are actually in the folder and bring up the app! How cool. No need for a launch list or universal search to find the contents of the Media folder. Here’s a look at the Media folder contents.

WP8 Berry Media folder

I like the background wallpaper used as default in the Start and Today screens. The home screen wallpaper can be changed, of course. Another plus. All in all, the theme is very stylish, classy and unlike most of the themes we have seen. OS7 users rejoice! The developers are willing to create lovely themes for us and we should start buying them up!

WP8 Like with user wallpaper

WP8Like-Berry theme is by best139 Design and is available at our BBE store here . Now, the theme does cost 4.99 but in all honesty, it is something you are going to want to experience on your phone, just to look stylish and smart. Oh and when your other fruit-flavored friends snatch up their touch screen and start swiping, well, you can click on some nice large icons and have your screen slide up and sideways as you navigate. Be daring. Be Bold. Do WP8 Like by best139 Design. Money well-spent on YOU!

WP8 Like with user wallpaper