Clean theme by Themerzz is simplicity at it’s best

Boy was I stoked to see this theme for the 9810! I first saw it on the 99xx devices, and promptly wrote to the developer and asked if he would make a 9810 version. His answer? Well see for yourself! As the name suggests, it truly is a clean theme, with minimal fuss, which makes it very wall paper friendly. Love the look of it and you will too!

Home Screen with user wallpaper

The nice sized clock and date are showcased on the bottom right, with a custom battery meter on the top left in the form of a number. Notifications on the bottom left, and signal, wifi etc top right. That’s it. Clean and simple. And oh so cool!

App Screen

The app screen has a clean textured black background using OS7 icons. * Please remember, because there is a lack of TB7, your folders will be empty. Simply use universal search to locate the app you need, use Quicklaunch or something similar, or move your apps to the main app screen for easier access. To some this may seem tedious, but personally, it’s a price I’m willing to pay for custom themes. Default style themes are ok, but I like variety and different looks on my home screen.

Home Screen with user wallpaper

A Clean theme by Themerzz is his first OS7 theme, and I think he’s done a great job. It looks wonderful with any wall paper, and as I mentioned, the simplicity of it makes it easy to use. Just click the BB menu from the home screen and all your apps are there. Do me a favour and get this theme. The more people support theme developers, the more we will get to make our berries look great! Available from Mybbota for $1.99 and soon coming to App World. Available for 99xx and 9810 OS7.

Home Screen with use wall paper