What Every Best-Dressed BlackBerry Phone Will “Desire”- a NEW Theme by BGT

BerryGoodThemes has released a new heart-throb for your BlackBerry phone called Desire. This theme is based on a grunge look with red and black the primary colors. There is a 6 icon dock and wallpapers feature a black heart. It is a dark and brooding theme that will give your Berry a sultry look.

Desire default home screen

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The home screen very smartly gives you all you need in your upper banner. The signal and battery strength is marked by percentages. There is a notification area, larger clock and date; all of which are positioned at the very top of your screen and do not obstruct any wallpaper. There is no dark banner or other graphics to note the banner; something that is welcomed if you are tired of the screen being chopped up into little sections. None of that here. Just wide open area.

Desire with user wallpaper

There is no OCD slot, but as you can see from my screen shots, BeWeather looks great in the first slot here. The custom grey icons seem to blend with lighter wallpapers, thus giving you the feeling of a clean screen. The focus icon is a black splat which is easy to see on a lighter wallpaper and fits perfectly with the red grunge of the theme.

The app screen and menus are all in keeping with the brooding look and feel of the theme. Menus are a dark red and the highlight is grey which makes menus a joy to use. Take a look and see for yourself.

Desire menus

Desire is a zen style theme for your BlackBerry phone that will make your berry a sultry companion for you. Who could turn that down? Purchase Desire at Mobihand for $1.99 for the 9780, 9700 and 9650 running OS6; 9700, 9650, 9630, 8900 on OS5.

Desire with user wallpaper