Circulo by Samgbx, creativity mixed in with simplicity

No TB7?  No worries.  The developers who love to theme are hanging in there and I say thank-you.  Though they are understandably upset as no TB7 means a loss of revenue from all those OS7 users, I’m glad they are sticking around and making themes for the older devices.  Samgbx is one of them.   He just released this new theme Circulo, and it’s a nice piece of work.   All hand made icons, new designed circular widget, and a color that I personally love.  Think, calm, soothing.  Think Circulo.


Default Home screen


The home screen layout is simple, but pleasing to the eye.  I’m sure you are going to get a lot of attention when people see your screen.  The main feature of this theme is the custom engineered circular widget.  It houses static icons for options, twitter, facebook, and BBM.  It also has clock, date and network.  Ok if I’m honest, at first I thought the widget was a bit big, but really..I’ve grown to like it.  It navigates smoothly around, and I LOVE the color of the focus.  In fact this is the core color of the theme.  And the plus is that it’s not too girly.  The boys can rock this quite well.


Home Screen


The battery and signal meters are also custom and are set against the circular widget on the bottom left.  They serve as a hotspot for manage connections.  In true signature Samgbx style, the gorgeous user defined 6 icon dock is placed across the the top and can not be hidden.  But it doesn’t matter.  They are not large icons, and again the color blends in well.  2 thin banners on top and bottom.  Notifications up top, and wifi name on the bottom.


Home screen



App screen


The app screen has the same great color adding consistency throughout.   In a time when all people can think about is the bad news from RIM,  let’s not forget why we love our Blackberry’s in the first place.  Having themes and the ability to customize unlike any other device is one of them.   Samgbx is still giving us this option.  Circulo is a treat.  It’s clean, simple, smooth, and I love the color.  I said that already didn’t I?  Get it here from the BBE Store for $2.99. Available for most devices on OS5 and OS6.


Home Screen