Video Chat via eBBM coming soon on Desktop


In the sit down with PCMag, in which CEO John Chen and Global Enterprise Services head John Sims had reiterated that BlackBerry will still make and release high-end QWERTY devices, John Sims also let it be known that the company will be releasing Video Chat via BBM on the Desktop soon.

In the effort to tighten their top spot in the enterprise side of business, John Sims is readying video chat via eBBM on the Desktop. If you don’t know what eBBM is, it’s the BBM for Enterprise only, meaning added extra security and now, apparently, the ability to video chat through your Desktop. BlackBerry has acknowledged the cross-platform space and I quote,

“From an enterprise perspective, the positioning is very much cross-platform,”. “The relative profitability across those [platforms] is for all intents and purposes relatively the same. In the past, when BES10 was introduced, we would have mumbled that we also support iOS and Android; we don’t mumble any more,”

And what about people using the good old, regular BBM? Well, John Sims hasn’t “seen the pull yet” from consumers. What could this mean? I’m guessing the demand for a Desktop BBM isn’t there, apparently. This doesn’t mean we won’t see it at all, the demand (in BlackBerry’s eyes) isn’t quite where they want it.

What do you guys think? Could this mean we, the consumers will see a Desktop version of BBM coming in the near future? I hope so. Once BlackBerry has deployed eBBM, let’s hope they consider BBM for the Desktop!

Source: PCMag