BlackBerry is still committed to making high-end QWERTY devices


In case you were wondering whether or not you’ll be able to purchase a brand new, high-end, bells and whistles BlackBerry QWERTY device – need not worry, BlackBerry will still be making these devices. BlackBerry will also release a few touch screen models too.

First of all, let me just say – I like what John Chen is thinking. He understands the business and I really believe he can bring BlackBerry back into the green – whilst all in all releasing smartphones for the fans and people that want them. He isn’t abandoning the consumer space, but he did reiterate that consumers (or shall we say, Prosumers?) in the States should not expect an inexpensive BlackBerry device until 2016, at the latest. He also mentioned “a few touch screen models, too”, but didn’t mention whether or not these also would be high-end. Given that the Z3 will be releasing soon, we’re still yet to see any mention of a “Z30 on steroids” type of device.

John Chen “loves the handset business” he also said he “thinks we can make the handset business profitable..we’re committed to the handset business”

There you have it, expect devices to keep on coming as they do in the future.

Source: PCMag