Valence, a new theme by TWP will bond perfectly to your Blackberry

Once you get Pootermobile started, look out…Soon after he released his first OS7 theme, Fresco, which incidentally has become an instant hit, Pooter now gives us Valence. In chemistry, Valence is about the number of bonds formed by an atom. Well here we’re talking about the bond this theme will have with your Blackberry. The custom icons, small clean banner, and color scheme of this theme all mesh together quite nicely. Let’s have a look at what I mean..

Valence Home Screen

The mini banner has all your information including custom battery meter in a gorgeous sky blue. For an added touch, even the profile and search icon have a tint of the blue, which really ties the theme together. And because it’s still default style, you still have the transparent tray, which means none of your wall paper will get cut off.

Valence Icons

The other great thing about this theme? The complete (as complete as you can get) set of custom white icons with that same blue accents as the home screen. I love these icons! It’s so nice to see different icons..I get tired of the same ones showing up in each theme. It’s nice when a developer takes the time to make things different. The menus are semi-transparent with yes, sky blue highlights. I know users appreciate having a consistent look and feel to a theme, and Pooter never fails to impress. One added feature is a skinned media player (only for OS7). This theme really does bond with my Blackberry.

With User Wall Paper

I didn’t really expect anything less from The World of Pootermobile. I have always loved all his themes, and am so excited that he’s making OS7 themes now. I have missed the Pooter touch! You too can bond again with your Blackberry with Valence, a smooth, clean, wall paper friendly theme that is sure to become a classic. Get Valence for only $1.99 at AppWorld now for OS6 and OS7 devices.

With User Wall Paper