Tiny URL for BlackBerry® Messenger BBM

Create Short URL for BlackBerry® Messenger.
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*) Are using SMS or BlackBerry® messenger applications more frequently? or Do you want to send the big urls in short forms. Then this app for you.
*) This app will add the menu item for all applications. So you can access you can create short url from any where.
*) This application will not run as a background. So that you can save your battery.
*) Just by clicking the “Tiny URL” in menu item you can access calculator from any where.
*) This app will help you to access your BlackBerry® Messages any where.
*) From 5.0.0 This Application automatically adds the menu item for 3rd party applications like Yahoo Messenger, BlackBerry Maps, Facebook, Twitter, Vlingo, BBM, AIM, Messages, SMS, Address Book, Pandora, Calendar, BlackBerry Travel, Browser, MySpace, Options, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Talk, Poynt, AOL Instant Messenger and many more.

*) One touch to create short url from any where.
*) No need to run any application as a background application. So save your battery.
*) Easy to use.

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