A small video treat on Father’s Day

First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day for all the Daddies. As a Father myself and a happy PlayBook owner, I figured I’d share a pretty cool PlayBook video with you all.

Lets rewind back to April 2011. A week before the release of the BlackBerry PlayBook, I read every review that was released and watched every PlayBook related video made.  Of all the videos, there was one I really enjoyed. The video was simple and depicted most of what the PlayBook can do. Also, the music in the video was a good touch. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see this video on a mobile phone because it’s flash based. The video was created by Woody Jang so if your interested, just click here and enjoy!

What are your thoughts? Did you like the video? Be sure to leave your comments below.

Source: Gizmodo (here is where I first saw the video back in April)