This Hands-On Video Shows BlackBerry’s Android-powered Venice

A new set of photos showing off the Android-powered Venice smartphone surfaced online this week, and today a hands-on video of the device has made its way to YouTube. The video was uploaded by Baka Mobile, a Canadian based wireless solutions company, who seemed to have gotten their hands on the smartphone.
Hands-On Video Shows BlackBerry’s Android-powered Venice :

The video doesn’t get too deep into the device, however, it does show us the physical slide-up keyboard, a touch-enabled keyboard feature that was talked about from the BlackBerry Passport, the BlackBerry Device Search feature, Google notification bar, and live views of the hardware.

Some T-Mobile applications have also been spotted in the video which confirms that T-Mobile will eventually offer the device to its customers. This isn’t any surprising news since Evan Blass spilled the beans on how the smartphone will be making its way to the four popular US carriers in November.