A whole new set of BlackBerry Venice images leaked in hands-on fashion


A whole new set of images of the unannounced BlackBerry Slider aka the Venice have emerged, showing off the device in a little bit more detail than what we’ve already seen and heard.

Obtained by the folks over at Android Authority, the BlackBerry Venice is shaping up to be what previous rumours/leaks and renders have all claimed.

The new set of images below display a very vanilla Android with BlackBerry apps thrown in, but the productivity theme seems to be running across the device in terms of how shortcuts and recent apps selection will work. Shortcuts display a list of categories including Communications, Calender and agenda, Contacts and Phone, empathizing on productivity which is what BlackBerry prides itself on (after security, ofcourse). The widgets/recent apps are displayed in live tile form, but each of which adjust in size according to how much that app is used (the more you use a particular app, the bigger its tile size)

The home screen lock also not only includes the Google Now shortcut, but access to create a new message quickly. The source also claims that a “bugdroid” holding a shield appears when the phone boots up, indicating the secure Android that BlackBerry has created.

The images are sweet, high-res for you to drool over and the specs are also in-line to previous rumors, a 5.4″ screen, 808 Snapdragon processor and an 18MP camera.

BlackBerry-Venice-AA-6-840x1132 BlackBerry-Venice-AA-1-840x1132 BlackBerry-Venice-AA-9-840x1132 BlackBerry-Venice-AA-71-840x1132 BlackBerry-Venice-AA-3-840x1132 BlackBerry-Venice-AA-8-840x1132 BlackBerry-Venice-AA-2-840x1132