The Search For Protection Perfection Part 2 – Tech Armor HD & Matte Screen Protectors

Tech Armor 1

You may recall the start to my seemingly never ending search for the perfect protection for my device. If you didn’t catch the first part of my multi-part series, I reviewed the i-Blason HD Screen Protector for the BlackBerry Z10. Today, I bring you two products, similar in nature from our friends over at Tech Armor

Just a recap of how I score the products:

  1. Coverage
  2. Durability
  3. Efficiency vs. Bulk
  4. Value

Before I really began this series, I thought most screen protectors were the same. It turns out that they differ slightly after significant use. I started off with the Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector and then installed the Tech Armor Matte Screen Protector.

Tech Armor 2

These are really simple to install – the HD Clear Protector has the dual “pull off tabs”, where as the Matte Protector only has one. I’m not going to go into detail here since these are pretty standard installs, but I will mention one thing: The Z10 makes it incredibly easy to install screen protectors in mere seconds. I attribute it to the  screen being ever so slightly recessed.

Tech Armor 3

I am a stickler for packaging, and I must say they put together some premium looking packaging. Makes me appreciate the product more. They give you 3 of each protector, an exceptionally effective lint free cloth, and a cardboard card in order to push out bubbles. Was not a big fan of how flimsy the card was, but I don’t think you would use it much during install.

Tech Armor 4

The HD Clear Protector went on without a hitch, as did the Matte Protector. They both have the same curved cutouts for the camera, light sensor, and LED. You can’t tell from the above image, but those are the only unprotected items. Usually, that’s standard for all protectors.

Tech Armor 5

The Matte Protector does the same thing all matte protectors do, and that is resist fingerprints and provide glare resistance. What I don’t like is how they alter the screen luminosity.

Coverage (9/10)

For both the Tech Armor HD Clear Screen Protector and the Tech Armor Matte Screen Protector the coverage was exactly the same. They covered the entire screen, less the camera, light sensor, and LED. Otherwise, every inch of the screen feels very well protected. No cons here

Durability (7/10 Clear) (8/10 Matte)

I’d definitely rate the Matte Protector a point higher than the Clear HD Protector. The reason for this is just the feel of the Matte Protector; it felt more durable and it didn’t get scratched at all during my week’s worth of wear and tear on it. Unfortunately, the Clear HD Protector suffered some minor scratches when I placed my keys on top of my phone while exiting my car. Very strange how easily it scratched seeing how it was HD (Heavy Duty). *Edit* Turns out that this version of HD meant High Definition – which is really was. This lends nothing to durability, however, I had to mention this for clarity.

As far as fingerprints and oils – the matte protector wins out again. The clear protector seemed to get smudged and dirty easily, but all-in-all easy to clean without fear of scratching the protector. I must say, I really abused these two to see how they held up, and aside from the key scratch, they held up well to cleaning with any sort of cloth or napkin.

Efficiency vs. Bulk (10/10) 

I loved the feel of the matte protector. The HD protector had a nice smooth feel to it. Gestures were easy on both and I found absolutely no issues. These are very well made protectors, not your cheap run-of-the-mill protectors that need replacing every few weeks. They were thick enough to provide an adequate barrier, while not too thick as to ruin the device functionality. As a matter of fact, a +1 to the Matte Protector for making the gestures feel like they have a “gripto them.

Value (10/10)

Coming in at a 3 pack for $3.95 a pack, you can’t get any better than that. Not only that, but these protectors come with a sweet Lifetime Warranty. Not only that, but these puppies are designed in the United States. So you know you’re supporting your local economy here.

The bang for your buck is definitely there, especially for a product that comes from the US. I can’t complain here, the company is great and they stand by their products, that says a lot to me. They also make custom device protectors, and word on the street is they have a few new products coming out for the Z10, but I can’t confirm their availability just yet.

Leave a comment and let us know if you end up purchasing either of the Tech Armor screen protectors for the BlackBerry Z10 and make sure you visit their site and give them a good once over. I’m kind of disappointed they don’t have a Z10 on the front page though!