Modern Combat 4 and Bleacher Report Apps Coming to BlackBerry 10 – App Wednesday

With BlackBerry Live just one week away, the BlackBerry 10 apps catalogue continues to grow! Check out the new BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 apps in BlackBerry World this week brought to you by BlackBerry ‘App Wednesday’: 

BlackBerry Z10 Apps: 



Video & TV:


Shopping & Planning:


Social Networking:

*Also available on BlackBerry Q10


BlackBerry Q10 Apps:


News & Information:


Photo & Video/TV:



•       THE GAME OF LIFE for BlackBerry 10 (Electronic Arts Inc.)

•       Cats and Bombs (Atomicom)

•       Zool (Amiga, Inc.)

•       Switchblade (Amiga, Inc.)

•       Mr. Nutz (Amiga, Inc.)

•       Archerisms (FX Networks)


Music & Audio:


Navigation & Travel:




BlackBerry Dev Picks of the Week:

Here are the top 5 apps our developers deem ‘must-haves’ here at BlackBerry:

  • Blaq (Kisai Labs)

 “Blaq showcases the full potential of BlackBerry Flow on BlackBerry 10!”

  1. Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost Treasure (Gogii Games Corp)

“Fantastic graphics, a real nice challenge since all of the items tend to blend with the atmosphere”

  1. Todo List Free (Woody Yang)

“The Perfect app for those of us who want to stay organized but become easily distractedJ

  1. Remember the Milk (Remember The Milk Inc.)

“Love this app. Makes even basic things like ‘to-do lists’ quite appealing”

  1. 4.      Card2You (Advanced Image Direct)

“Personalized way of sharing notes and messages with those you care about– my mom loves to receive these”

Latest App News: If you’re an action fan, keep an eye out for Modern Combat 4 and Bleacher Report apps which will be available in the upcoming weeks.


Finalists for the Best Built for BlackBerry App Awards will be announced next week at BlackBerry Live!

For a look at all BlackBerry 10 apps, head to BlackBerry World.