The Search For Protection Perfection (Part 1) – i-Blason HD Screen Protector for the BlackBerry Z10

i-Blason 1My search for the best protection for my Z10 starts with a pretty popular Apple *ahem* accessory manufacturer. I stumbled upon the i-Blason HD Matte Bubble Free Screen Protector for the BlackBerry Z10 and decided it was a great starting point for my blog series. To lay down the groundwork, here’s the criteria by which I will be judging each “candidate”:

  1. Coverage
  2. Durability
  3. Efficiency vs. Bulk
  4. Value

I began by installing the screen protector on the Z10. The packaging claimed a bubble free, mindlessly simple installation. I opened up the package and removed the contents – screen protector and microfiber shammy. I instantly noticed the quality of the shammy – wasn’t cheap and coarse like some I’ve seen packaged with other protectors. I guess you get what you pay for.

i-Blason 2

The screen protector had a 3M backing to it and felt VERY sturdy in my hand, not flimsy – hence the HD in the product title. The installation was just like any other screen protector; has a Step 1 and a Step 2.

i-Blason 3

I cleaned my screen, removed all the dust I could, and proceeded to install. Boy, was it simple. Lined up the corners and done! Placed in on, pressed it down and I was done. Make sure to only touch the black areas and not the transparent screen part.

It has a cutout for the front facing camera, LED, light sensor, and BlackBerry logo. That is one issue I have with it that I will get to later.

Coverage (7/10)


As far as coverage goes, it’s great. Fits perfectly, has enough cut outs in order to provide for unobstructed use.


My only gripe is the fact that the cut out for the BlackBerry logo doesn’t allow for fluid use of the phone with the gestures. To put simply, it’s like the black border is slightly lifted and the space over the BlackBerry logo has a gap which requires you to press down a bit more in order to activate the swipes. Not bad, but it gets annoying when a swipe doesn’t register – makes me feel stupid. Had to ding it a few points for this or else it would be a Perfect 10.

Durability (8/10)


This protector in particular is VERY heavy duty. Looks like it can resist pocket or key scratches so you don’t have to worry about leaving your phone in your pocket with your keys or change (provided you have a case).



i-Blason 5

Efficiency vs. Bulk (8/10)


I love the fact that there is a border around this screen protector that blends in with the phone’s border. The matte screen makes it very resistent to finger prints, however, it’s not immune as I find myself wiping the screen often, but not as often as if it were a “naked” screen. I wouldn’t say it was bulky, but it is certainly noticeable when you swipe and navigate your phone…you can feel the thickness. You can also see that there is a protector, but I feel that it is MUCH less visually intrusive than the cheapy protectors.


Gap over BlackBerry logo prohibits fluid gestures, matte screen makes it feel a bit coarse – not as smooth as the “naked” screen, but this isn’t a huge flaw. I have also noticed that at an angle, the screen protector adhesive can be seen reflecting the light from the screen which makes a faint “rainbow” texture in between the protector and the screen. Might be a drawback when watching movies and such.

Value (9/10)

Some people think buying those cheapo screen protectors – 3 at a time for $4-5 – is eventually cheaper than splurging a bit to protect your screen in a way it won’t end up ruining the look of the phone after a few days of heavy use or pocket abuse. I am certainly on the other side of the argument, where I’d rather pay a bit more and get something that lasts. I’ve purchased the cheap screen protectors and gone through 6 in under 2 months…not cheap at all…

The i-Blason HD protector for the Z10 is reusable – which is a huge plus. It is also fairly easy to remove once on the device, so no bent corners or anything of the like.

Coming in at an MSRP of $19.95, it’s a bit pricey, but if you shop on Amazon, it’s a bit cheaper coming in slightly under $13 if you have Amazon Prime (and free shipping!).

Overall, it’s a great screen protector for the money. It does a great job of protecting, while staying “out of the way”, but it could do a better job at allowing uninhibited  use of the phone itself, and that space over the BlackBerry branding really kills it for me. Otherwise, it’s awesome.


Leave a comment and let us know if you end up purchasing the i-Blason HD Screen Protector for the BlackBerry Z10.

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