#TeamBlackBerry If your in NYC, then here is a chance to win a Bold 9900

With BlackBerry fan night a few days away, BlackBerry’s marketing team is hitting the streets of New York City giving BlackBerry goodies away.

Today I went about my normal routine as usual.  When I got off the 1 train, near the Lower East Side, I saw a BlackBerry notification sticker on a telephone booth. Being a BlackBerry lover, I couldn’t help but veer off and go investigate. On the sticker, there was a BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) bar code so I scanned it and that’s when the fun started.

The pin (which is posted below), informed of of some BlackBerry benefits around town to include a chance to win a BlackBerry Bold 9900.

Once  I finished with my daily tasks, I started what I now call the “BlackBerry Scavenger hunt”. After arriving at the first location in Time Square, they had relocated. I sent them a BBM and each time you BBM them, they’ll reply with a updated location.

Finally, after traveling to three different locations throughout the city, I found them on my fourth attempted. I got a free “BBMe” shirt, a cool “DiGi Mates” (mobile screen cleaner), and a LED keychain flashlight. They explained that there was a van that is driving around and if the van appears while your at their location, that is how you can win a Bold 9900. They also told me they had given quite a few BlackBerrys away already.

Though I didn’t win the Bold 9900, it was cool to kick it with them for a while and I even met their Marketing Director. Good news is you can keep showing up though out the next four days (last day will be this Friday, December 16th, 2011) and increase your chances of winning. At the very least, you’ll get some BlackBerry goodies (a $100 giftcard is also in the mix).

What do you think? Will you be looking for the BlackBerry marketing team? Happy Hunting!

Listed below are the pins I got off some stickers and the locations I visited today (except for the Brooklyn location):

  • pin:2842799D
  • pin:2871238B
  • pin:2871238D
  1. T-Mobile Store, 77th and Broadway
  2. T-Mobile Store, 52nd and 8th
  3. Verizon Wireless, W 57th and 6th
  4. Time Square, 1841 Broadway
  5. T-Mobile Store, 54 Graham Ave., Brooklyn