T-Mobile selling refurbished BlackBerry Q10 devices for only $384 off-contract

Q10 Refurbished T-MobileIt has been a hectic week in regards to T-Mobile and BlackBerry, however we let you all know yesterday that John Legere was going to get with his team to put BlackBerry 10 devices back on their consumer, non-business site and they have done just that now offering the BlackBerry Q10 for only $384 refurbished, off-contract with $0 up front.

No idea if this what John Chen was referring to when he mentioned ¬†‘And for our loyal customers on the T-Mobile network, know that we have an offer in the works designed especially for you.’ T-Mobile is now also offering free expedited shipping on all BlackBerry device orders.

Good way to get back on track and hopefully BlackBerry and T-Mobile are profitable once again with one another in the very near future.