Starting Friday T-Mobile to offer free and speedy shipping on BlackBerry devices


Earlier today we let you know that BlackBerry’s CEO John Chen had thanked all the loyal BlackBerry users for fighting back when T-Mobile had sent out an email to their customers trying to get folks to switch to an iPhone. In the blog post Chen made on Inside BlackBerry he mentioned that they were working on something special for T-Mobile customers and according to Reuters that ‘reward’ will be available quicker than you thought.

By Friday any T-Mobile customer that purchases a new BlackBerry device will receive FREE and speedy shipping on the order. Now we don’t know for sure if this is exactly what Chen was referring to in his blog post but at least it’s a good start.

Be sure to hit up the comments below and let us know your thoughts about all this T-Mobile mess. Is the free and speedy shipping enough or do you think T-Mobile needs to do more?