Small Business Benefits of a VoIP System

VoIP System

The way people conduct business has changed. In the last twenty years or so, the majority of workplace activities have shifted to being performed digitally. This has meant that both large and small companies need new technologies to help them achieve their business goals as they update the way their employees work.

Many companies are converting to solely use Voice over the Internet Protocol (VoIP), or phone services over the internet instead of using a traditional business line. Small businesses can benefit from introducing VoIP into how they conduct business on and offline.

VoIP is not only more cost-efficient than past solutions, but it can also improve the way a company utilizes its communications. VoIP is easier to manage as a company and its calling needs grow, calls can be made from practically anywhere, and is compatible with voicemail, faxes, email, etc.

How can VoIP help your small business?


First, let’s look at the cost of VoIP vs. a traditional landline. You could be paying less than half the price when using VoIP instead of a conventional phone service. You will save money on materials because VoIP doesn’t require additional equipment beyond an internet connection in your office, at your business, or from wherever else you are trying to make a call.

Finding ways to drastically reduce spending could make or break many small businesses, and cutting down communication costs by switching to VoIP will typically lower costs.


VoIP phone systems are more secure than their landline counterparts. By leveraging advancements made in IP technology, hosted VoIP companies work around the clock to protect the systems. This is achieved by encryption and improved identity management. 


Thanks to the mobility and  a virtual number that VoIP provides, you can use the same number wherever you are. This makes it ideal for those who frequently travel for business.

By replacing an existing Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system, a private telephone network, with a VoIP phone system, you can increase your capabilities to include:

  • Calling directly to the right person in the company to deal with the specific query instead of dealing with queue calls.
  • Connecting to a Do-Not-Call database  to avoid receiving calls from blocked numbers.
  • Automatically dialing numbers using a click to dial feature.
  • An automated message that alerts callers that the call may be recorded.
  • Connectability to desktop computers, tablets, laptops, and other devices.
  • Higher levels of employee productivity.

A VoIP phone system can introduce these features and others that are tailored specifically to your small business needs to help you streamline connection and communication. For companies with more than one contact center or place of business, you can connect multiple locations on the same system to allow for ease of data transfer between sites.

Customers who call in can automatically be rerouted to different areas or agents if the one they are contacting is unavailable, meaning that customers get their query dealt with quicker and easier. Reduced waiting times often improve customer satisfaction.

CRM Integration

Another benefit of adding a VoIP phone system is that the operation can integrate with popular customer relationship management (CRM) apps. While you can do this with a traditional PBX, the capabilities would be limited. VoIP allows for faster and more advanced connection with CRM apps.

With VoIP, you can view customers previous transactions with your company, past purchases, and identify their location and other vital metrics, too. The system will allow you to track a customer’s sales funnel through from marketing to purchasing, too.

Finding a local company to update the way your company communicates is easy—a local Oklahoma IT company can outfit companies with VoIP technology and give small businesses the boosts they might need.