Show your support for your country in this year’s football World Cup with all new BBM Stickers and more!

BBM Stickers

To help you show support for your country in this year’s Football World Cup in  Brazil, BlackBerry have created all new BBM sticker packs for you to enjoy and share amongst your BBM friends. 

New BBM stickers 

BlackBerry has gotten in on the World Cup hype by providing BBM users all new sticker packs illustrating fun stickers to help you support your country including teams from Brazil, France, United States, England, Colombia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Argentina, Ecuador, Spain, Honduras, Holland, Germany and Australia.

Country Flag Shortcut

Not only that, you can also support your country/favourite team by using the country flag shortcuts on BBM. This is pretty well known amongst most BBM users, but by using the following link to add your country’s code, you will be able to rock your country’s flag on your BBM name or personal message!

Country Codes

Custom PIN Card Creator

And if that wasn’t enough, a somewhat unknown but new feature BlackBerry have released is custom PIN card creator. Custom PIN Card Creator allows you to not only support your country’s team, you will be able to attach your BBM PIN and share your contact card across all major social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or if you fancy emailing it to your peers, you can do so too.

Which country are you rooting for this year? I’m not a huge football fan, but I would probably lose my shit if England won the World Cup, if ever. Will you be rocking your country’s flag on BBM?

Source: INSIDE BlackBerry