SayIt & SafeDrive From BKU Software Updated For BlackBerry 10 Devices


For any of you that use either SayIt or SafeDrive from BKU Software (formerly known as BachKhoa University) then you might want to head on over to BlackBerry World because there’s an update waiting for you. Both apps have a change log to them which I have included below.

The developer from BKU Software has been hard at work with both of these apps and I just want to say thanks to him for his continued hard work to the BlackBerry 10 platform, the updates are appreciated!

Here are those change logs:

SayIt version

  • SayIt can now read unlimited number of words
  • Integrated with BlackBerry Browser. Just highlight your text within the browser then select Share, Text to Speech by SayIt, then SayIt will read the text for you
  • Bugs fixed


SafeDrive version 1.3.0

  • SafeDrive now can read unlimited number of words
  • Add more than 15 languages with both female and male voice, including: US English Female, US English Male, UK English Female, UK English Male, European Spanish Female, European Spanish Male, European French Female, European French Male, European German Female, European German Male, European Italian Female, European Italian Male, European Turkish Female, European Turkish Male, European Norwegian Female, European Dutch Female, European Polish Female, European Danish Female, European Finnish Female, European Czech Female, Swedish Female, Hungarian Female, Russian Female, Russian Male, European Portuguese Female, European Portuguese Male, Chinese Female, Chinese Male, Japanese Female, Japanese Male, Korean Female,Korean Male
  • New voice data which is more natural
  • Minor bugs fixed

Be sure to hit up the comments below and let us know, which of these apps do you have installed on your BlackBerry 10 device? Do they have any missing features you would like to see implemented? This developer listens to all of us and tries to add things we want, so here’s your chance to get them in. You can grab the SayIt update here and/or the SafeDrive one here.