SayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets a huge update, tons of new features

wpid106879-SayIt.pngSayIt for BlackBerry 10 gets a huge update with tons of new features, version 2.5. The SayIt for BlackBerry 10 application is a Built for BlackBerry app that acts as a personal assistant, now supports 44 voice languages from 17, previously.

Full change log for v2.5.0.1:

● New servers with new voice data
● Add more text to voice languages (from 17 to 44), now SayIt supports text to voice for 44 languages
● Add more translation languages, SayIt now supports translation for 66 languages (from 25 to 66)
● Add more voice search and voice to text languages. Now SayIt can perform voice to text conversion and voice search in 18 different languages
● SayIt now can read up to 200 characters
● Add replay result in Commander mode
● Add more keyboard shortcuts for Q10, Q5
● Support downloading text to voice mp3 file in 44 different languages
● Change the behavior for Voice to Text record button to Tap and Hold
● Add Arabic and Vietnamese for Voice to Text
● Add YouTube video for music search
● Fix Google Search
● Minor bugs fixed
Get the update via BlackBerry World.