RIM rotating keypad patent application

RIM patent application describes rotating keypad that can be used in more than one position

In August 2010, Engadget reported:
RIM seems to have a new take on the smartphone keyboard concept. The company has filed a patent application for a keyboard which not only can be turned 90 degrees from portrait to landscape orientation, but one which flips as well. A numeric pad which could be spun around to become a QWERTY input surface, and the whole rig repositioned to make for more comfortable typing.

This patent application that was filed back in 2010 was just recently published. It describes a device with a keypad that’s coupled at one corner, but which can remain operable in at least two positions, or potentially three. That could include a position, for instance, where the screen is partially covered by the keypad and a second where it’s below the screen, or one where the keypad can remain below the screen both in portrait and landscape modes — or even flipped behind the device with the keys still accessible. Of course, it is still just a patent application, so we can’t bet on this as RIM’s next big thing.

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Source: Engadget