Nature’s Breeze and Black Floral by Raypho – 2 new themes provide a breath of fresh air to your BB

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a review (I know, you’ve missed me), but I’m back because there are finally some themes to be talked about and looked at for OS7.  With the lack of TB7, developers have to, dare I say it…hack TB6 to come up with some sort of customization of the default theme. Having said that, they are doing a great job in bringing themes to OS7 device owners and making them quite happy.

The two that I want to show you today are by none other than Raypho. I can not tell you how excited I was when he started porting some of his previous themes to OS7. Now granted they are still default style, but still have enough elements of the previous custom versions to make them different.  Keep reading to find out more!


Home Screen - Nature's Breeze

Nature’s Breeze is a port from his ever popular theme Tempo.   The trademark numerical signal and battery meters are on the top right, with the clock, date, and network info on the right. The banners are semi transparent and the theme uses OS7 icons. With the limitations of TB6, Raypho has given us a theme that looks a little different from the standard default layout. It runs smooth, and I love the font and look of the meters just as I did with Tempo. It’s classic Raypho, and very nicely done for OS7.

Home Screen for Black Floral


The next theme I’m currently using and loving is Black Floral. Just released, it has elements of another popular Raypho theme, Mirth. The battery meter is a a square on the top left that will turn red as the battery discharges. Custom signal meter bars right beside that, and the clock on the far right. Again the banners are semi transparent which makes for great wall paper viewing. And we all know that is a plus! With this theme I also noticed that he was able to combine the notification banner with the top one. I like the way that looks on the home screen. Very clean, and a winner for OS7.

Raypho has really stepped up to the plate here and given OS7 users some choice and options without TB7 being released. He has released quite a few, including the popular coloring series which offers may color options, a port of his techno theme Endigi, and girly themes Elena Butterfly and Misty. Check them all out on AppWorld for only $1.99, available now for most OS6 and OS7 devices.

Breath some fresh air in to your phone!