Review: BBM On iPhone

BBM App In iPhone App Store

At last! Today marks a day in history where the iconic and famous BlackBerry Messenger or better known as BBM is finally available for download on an iPhone platform. As the picture above shows, the popular BBM app can easily be downloaded for FREE through the App Store by all iPhone users. Personally being a BlackBerry user for a few great years, I’m feeling a sense of gratitude to be able to fully utilize and enjoy this app on my iPhone 5. We broke the news a few weeks ago that the app would be releasing soon and as promised, BlackBerry and iPhone have partnered up to make sure the app is out accordingly. For those who don’t quite see the app appearing within the App World, try visiting from your browser to easily download OTA.

Check out my personal review within the following link to enjoy the latest screenshots and details for all the amazing capabilities that BBM will be bringing to any iPhone user!

First off, let me briefly introduce the wonderful BBM. For many long-term iPhone users, the word BBM sounds familiar but not the actual app and its capabilities to efficiently deliver and be read within seconds, making it the closest thing to a live conversation, all within a private network! By staying private, I mean you can fully control IT and whom your contacts are, without giving away your phone number or email address. BBM uses a specific PIN that is given to each individual user which therefore can be given to people who you would like to add on your contact list.


As pictured above, the PIN can be privately shared only to those whom your circle consists of or as in my situation, shared to the world! As BlackBerry Executive Vice President, Andrew Bocking, stated, “With more than a billion Android, iOS, and BlackBerry smartphones in the market, and no dominant mobile messaging platform, this is absolutely the right time to bring BBM to Android and iPhone customers.”  BBM has ultimately brought the world of efficiency to all iPhone users. Once you download the app, if you’re running the new iOS 7 on your iPhone, as I am, forget about having to manually update your apps as now it automatically does this for you. Before adding any contacts, I would suggest customizing your profile picture and current status. Also if you notice in the picture below, BBM allows you to post a personal message, but be careful what you place here since it automatically lets your contacts know instantly in “Updates” that appear within the top.

BBM Profile Screen Shot

Once you have your profile customized and set up, start adding contacts by sending them your PIN or they sending their PIN to you! Simply go to “Add New Contact” which will take you to a screen that asks you weather you will be adding by PIN or email. Once you have your first contact(s) within your list, feel free to start engaging with efficiency and accuracy at its finest!!

BBM Screen Shot - Invite Friends

As you can see, the best part about enjoying a conversation with BBM app is the appropriate alerts it provides by informing the sender when the message is either delivered or read. Simply by having a small blue square appear with a small capitalized “D” for delivered and….

BBM Convo 1

A small capitalized “R” within a green square that stands for read by the receiver! This provides efficiency for both parties whether it be an emergency, business deal, or a quick critical message that needs to be sent.

BBM Convo 2

Wondering about sending images quickly? Worry no longer, the app allows users to efficiently send off images at an instant!

BBM Picture Sharing

If you haven’t downloaded BBM yet, I suggest you do so as soon as possible! The app has over 65 million users already and the numbers keep increasing as long time BlackBerry enthusiasts rush to get their hands on it. Join the secure way of instant messaging your colleagues, business associates, and fellow friends! Feel free to add my pin and shoot me a comment or question regarding the review! Looking forward to hearing feedback from BlackBerry, Android, and iPhone users!


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