Research in Motion New Marketing Exec – Welcome Roger Baxter


Sources report that RIM has announced the hiring of Roger Baxter to replace long gone Paul Kalbfleisch as VP of Brand Marketing and Communications on Thursday May 5, 2011. This comes shortly after announcing that Co-CEO Jim Ballsillie would be leading RIM’s marketing efforts for the long gone Keith Pardy.

This name might not sound familiar to a lot of you. Most thought RIM would steal a big shot from under the noses of Google or Apple. That’s not the case as they go on to name Baxter as successor. This is a big job for one such man to fill, coming all the way from the Seattle office of Publicis, a medium sized French Multinational advertising and communications firm.

Exciting news as RIM prepares for huge moves in the mobile world. Will Baxter leave his mark on RIM or will he become the new runaway bride VP?

Source: TheStreet