Question: Would you buy a Nokia running BlackBerry OS?

Nokia’s been a busy bee lately. Not only has the manufacturer landed a huge, perhaps lifesaving deal with Microsoft to put Windows Phone 7 on its handsets, but the company’s also been rumored to have been shopping around for mobile operating systems, before finally landing on WP7. Of note, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS was seemingly a targeted property Nokia was eyeballing. It got me thinking that this wouldn’t be that bad of a team-up.

While Research In Motion’s BlackBerry OS may not be the most talked-about mobile operating system on the market today, it hasn’t been completely forgotten about. Reinforcing the point, if rumors are true, then Nokia actually went to RIM at the same time they were in talks with Google and Microsoft to bring the mobile OS to their hardware.

We obviously know how that worked out. And, it’s sad to hear that the rumors suggest RIM just wasn’t all that interested in putting their software on Nokia manufactured hardware. But, if there’s one thing that Nokia tries to do best, its the hardware. Especially when it comes to the camera. For BlackBerry fans out there, do you think it would have been nice to have a 12MP Carl Zeiss lens on the back of your favorite new Bold handset?

Of course, for those BlackBerry fans out there who love RIM’s hardware keyboards, it would have been interesting to see if Nokia could replicate that, or try to make existing BlackBerry owners transition to Nokia’s ‘boards. In my eyes, Nokia working with BlackBerry software wouldn’t have been that bad of an idea. It may have even breathed new life into the platform.

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