ProTrak International Upgrades their BlackBerry CRM Software

Today ProTrak International announced the release of ProTrak Mobile 2.0, which is in fact an upgrade to the BlackBerry component of their popular CRM app. ProTrak Mobile 2.0 features completely secure wireless access to the ProTrak database for searches, retrieval and updates to the CRM central database. The new release is scheduled to ship in the coming weeks. Hit the More button to read some paragraphs off of the Press Release to learn about ProTrak International.

ProTrak Mobile lets users Send and Add e-mails to ProTrak whether they are in their BlackBerry Contact Address Book, in the ProTrak Mobile application or responding to an email. And, when receiving emails with contacts not previously recorded in the CRM, ProTrak Mobile 2.0 lets users add a contact with the new contact automatically linked to the email activity in the CRM.

For example, ProTrak Mobile 2.0 includes the ability to view documents (RFPs, proposals, etc.) attached to ProTrak activities directly on the BlackBerry smartphone. Addresses can now be viewed in Google Maps and “hot keys” were added to permit one-click viewing of Activity and Follow-up Notes as well as Company details.

Entire Press Release Here