Password Keeper, WhatsApp & Skype all get updated for BlackBerry 10


Password Keeper, Skype and WhatsApp all got updated for BlackBerry 10 today, Password Keeper was updated to version bringing in quite a bit of new features and fixes. See the change log for these apps below:
Password Keeper:

  • Added support for the Password Keeper Browser, to fill in login information when you tap the website for a password record.
  • Added the ability to scan for Passwords that are weak or potentially affected by the Heartbleed bug.
  • Made unlocking and viewing password list faster.
  • Changed the filtered search feature that sometimes returned an empty list.
  • Optimized the experience for the BlackBerry Passport smartphone.
  • Enhanced search in the main password list, to start the search when you begin typing.

Download Password Keeper for BlackBerry 10

Skype updated to 5.0.507.54461 with bug fixes and support for the BlackBerry Passport.

Download Skype for BlackBerry 10

WhatsApp got updated for BlackBerry 10.3 which also includes support for the BlackBerry Passport, change log is as follows:

  • Group Exit and Delete are now separate actions
  • Active Frames supported in both normal and small sizes on the Passport
  • Various improvements for the Passport and 10.3
  • Miscellaneous fixes and updates

Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10