How to Choose Cabinet Color for Your Kitchen

Red kitchen cabinets make the kitchen pop

Choosing your kitchen cabinet color isn’t always a simple decision. There are so many choices out there that trying to narrow down the color you want is a lot harder than you think it is! 

In order to be satisfied with your decision, you need to first have a vision of what you want for your kitchen space. It’s only after you’ve determined what you want your kitchen to look like that you can consider how your modern cabinet color is going to look in your current space.

Once you have a vision, how can you choose a modern cabinet color for your space? The kitchen cabinets are the centerpiece for the kitchen. They take up all the space on the walls, and both high and low areas are covered with cabinetry. Choosing the wrong color can significantly change the appearance of your kitchen. 

The cabinet color you pick will not only set the tone for the room, but could be the difference between a cohesive kitchen and something that clashes with appliances and the wall color. 

Here are some things to consider when choosing your cabinet color.

Brightening a space

You may prefer cabinets that help to lighten up your kitchen. Generally, darker paint or wood colors will make the space look smaller. The lighter and brighter the color, the larger your kitchen will become. 

An airy kitchen is very on-trend and cheery. A bright kitchen may be a great direction, as it’s the space you spend time cooking and socializing with family and friends. You want a kitchen to look welcoming, and darker colors often make the space look dull.

Brighter, lighter colors also welcome natural light, which helps the space to be even cheerier.


Lighting is usually directed right towards the working countertops in the kitchen, and if your lighting isn’t optimized for the space, the colors are not going to stand out. So, you need to choose colors that contrast each other.

For example, If you have white walls and silver appliances, then light gray cabinets are going to stand out and contrast nicely with the surrounding colors. The contrast between your cabinets and countertops matters, as good contrast brings attention to each element of the kitchen.

Adding a pop of color

While you may choose to stick to plain white and cream for your kitchen, consider how a pop of color could look. 

Bright cabinets in a hot pink or a bright blue are going to really add some personality to a kitchen. You may want a little bit of individuality in your kitchen space, and color is a great way to accomplish that. 

Pops of color, whether as a stenciled design or covering the entire cabinet, are a good look for the kitchen. You may even choose to have white cabinets with a bright-colored interior! 

Picking a color appropriate for the room

Kitchens are generally places you cook, eat, socialize and stay busy. They’re one of the busiest rooms in the home, so you want to choose a color that will age well and you’ll love!

Choose something that you personally like. Whether you choose a smooth, sleek look, or something bright and cheery, what is most important is that you like it. Black cabinetry with white floors is very striking as an interior look, or you could embrace the country kitchen look with shades of pale apple or lemon. 

No matter what cabinet color you choose, be sure that you make your kitchen a place where you like to be! Professional cabinetry companies can also help you decide upon the right color during a free consultation.