How to Get More Likes On Instagram

Likes are an important part of your Instagram marketing strategy. If your posts get more likes, they will move up the feed, and generate more engagement from other users. Likes also indicate to Instagram that users like your content. So, Instagram will be more likely to show your content to them in the future. This will improve your chances of garnering more engagement. 

So, here are some tips to get more likes on Instagram…

Ask people to like:

Most people think calls to action aren’t necessary. But they can make a massive difference in the results you generate. If you include a call to action in your posts either as overlay text or in the caption, you can get a massive number of likes. As it gives users something to do after they finish consuming the content. 

Only use the “like the post” call to action if your goal is to get more likes. If you want more followers, sales, or leads, you need to use a different call to action. And limit the number of call to actions to one per post. 

Grow your following:

If you have more followers, you will naturally get more likes on Instagram. Therefore, along with trying to gain likes also work on growing your following. But make sure you only target relevant followers who will be interested in engaging with the content you post. If you go after any type of followers, your following will grow, but your engagement rate will dwindle. And that’s not what you want, as it can make your account look like it has a lot of fake followers. 

So, only try to get the most relevant followers. If you are looking for a shortcut you can just buy an Instagram account. There are a lot of sites out there where you can find Instagram accounts for sale

Use a lot of hashtags:

Several studies have shown that hashtags can increase engagement, especially when you use a lot of them. One of the studies found that posts with 11+ hashtags generate the most engagement. Hashtags help boost engagement in two ways. 

One is that people searching those hashtags will discover your posts and the other is that people can follow hashtags. If you publish a post with a hashtag and it ends up doing well, Instagram will display it to users who follow that hashtag and it will help you generate even more likes. 

But to get this right make sure you only use the most relevant hashtags. And try to use low and medium competition hashtags. As high competition hashtags can be hard to rank for especially if you have fewer followers. After you gain a lot of followers you can try to rank for high competition hashtags. 

Tag others:

Another way to get more likes is by tagging other relevant users in your posts. This works because they will be alerted by Instagram and they will check out your post and like it. They might even share the post on their own account and tag you. This will result in their followers checking your post and you will get likes from a new audience. Here too, make sure you only tag the most relevant users. Tagging anyone and everyone won’t work. 

Engage with other users posts:

If you like and comment on other posts, they will want to return the favor by commenting and liking your posts. So, regularly like the posts of people you follow and of people, you discover on the explore page. Don’t do this randomly though. To get the best results you need to interact with the most relevant people. You might also want to DM a few users as very few people do that. 

To scale this tactic you should check out Instagram pods. These are engagement groups where people who post similar content interact with each other’s content. It helps them generate a lot of likes in a short span. As a result, the posts end up on the explore page and rank for popular hashtags. This helps them get even more likes. 

Promote posts:

Another way to get more likes quickly is by placing some money behind your posts and promoting them. You can refine your audience here with Instagram’s filters and go after a very specific demographic. For best results, use ads to only promote your best performing posts. 

You can also use Instagram stories to promote your in-feed posts. You can implement both free and paid methods

Run contests:

Another way to drum up likes is by running like to win contests. This is where people need to like your post to take part in the contest. You can also ask them to follow you or sign up to your email list to take part as it will give you an audience to promote your content to in the future. 

Contests can be very effective in generating a ton of engagement in a very short span. You can also promote your contest post with and get even more engagement. 


These are the different steps you can take to get more likes on Instagram. Begin implementing them today.